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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service

How to Select a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service provider?

When you have ductwork in your commercial facility, you need to care for it all the time to facilitate your customers. Either you are a hotel service or workshop; ductwork requires your attention all the time to provide the best services. Casually, owners or managers often keep an eye on the ducts by inspecting visually or by changing filters or attending other regular issues. But with the passage of time, the duct requires cleaning as the air environment gets disturbed and polluted. Before discussing the procedure to select the best air duct cleaning service provider, let us know the applications of the commercial air duct cleaning services.

Ducts are metal or synthetic tubes or passages that are used in Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at the domestic and commercial level. If these ducts are installed carefully, it will ensure the indoor comfort and fresh air environment.

Why do you need Air duct cleaning services?

You need air duct cleaning services for various reasons like:

  • If you have installed any heating system in your commercial facility, you might know well that these systems produce a little amount of carbon monoxide. If the ductwork has any leakage or obstruction, this harmful gas may get escaped into your indoor environment. Thus, to secure the people in your business setting, you should keep checking the ductwork on the relevant premises.
  • To improve the work efficiency of HVAC equipment, it is necessary to hire air duct cleaning services. Thus, it will not only protect your equipment rather it will increase the life of your HVAC system.
  • If ductwork is intact, the indoor facilities may get fresh and clean air. The ventilation system enables an allergen-free and pollutant-free environment inside your business or home setting. Heating and cooling systems transfer stale air outside and provide a fresh and cool environment.  

What services an air duct cleaning system will provide you? 

Before choosing the air duct cleaning service provider, you must know about the procedure they adopt to satisfy the customers. It will make the decision of selecting the service provider easy for you. The best service providers offer the following services:

Scrutinize the physical setting of the area

Commercial air duct cleaning in Atlanta, GA initially sends a skillful worker or technician who will inspect the whole commercial facility in detail. All the ductwork, heating, cooling, and ventilation system will be visualized physically to know any leakage or other issues.

Offer work plan

A professional air duct service provider will prepare a complete plan before starting the work. The service provider will technically make you aware of the whole procedure and plan. It will prepare a complete schedule when and how the work will get started.

Precautionary measures

If there is any furniture, machinery, gadgets, or other delicate electronic tools, the service provider will ask you to cover the whole area with sheets or covers. In case, it may be suggested to remove those equipment or necessary items until the work is completed.

Inspect and Start work from the openings

The technicians of the air duct cleaning service provider will inspect the opening pathways of the duct to start the cleaning procedure. In case, if the existing service opening does not fulfill the need of the duct cleaning system, the service provider will install new service openings safely keeping in view the safety and health standards of the industry.

May require access to the ceiling

In case, no service openings are found in some commercial premises, the services provider of the air duct cleaning system will ask you to grant access to the ceiling. During the maintenance and cleaning process, the ceiling may be torn out or removed from some areas to keep the cleaning services smooth and efficient.

Cleaning procedure

When all precautionary measures are taken, and hurdles are removed to ensure the quality cleaning, the technicians will start their work of cleaning the pathways. This process may involve the following possible steps:

  • Vacuuming: The vacuuming process is completed through portable vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners used to clean the ducts are installed with a HEPA filter. High-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filtration system contaminates and vacuums the air from pollutants or dirt particles. For the vacuuming process, ducts are opened from various places to install and use vacuum cleaners efficiently.
  • Air washing: In the air washing system, compressed air is sent inside the duct through a nozzle that is attached with a hose. It ensures the removal of any harmful pollutants or dust left inside.  

Power brushing: This process includes power bristles that physically brush the inside walls of the duct system. The dust and other particles that are loosened through brushing are collected and cleaned through the vacuum cleaner. The best air duct cleaning service provider will report you the cleaning process on a daily basis. The tenure of cleaning services may vary from a few hours to the months depending upon the physical space of the commercial area. For the ideal services, you must know how the cleaning service will manage the whole commercial facility. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service
Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service

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